The Bizarre and Beautiful…

Not only is this my 4th post for my Inktober artwork. And not only am I past the halfway mark, but this is also my Thirtieth blog post. You won’t be able to tell, but I’m thrilled to see how far I’ve come and how many of you have supported me by reading what’s in my head. I’m excited as to how far I’ve come in Inktober, too. At one point I thought, “Screw this, it’s too hard.” But what do you know, I’m still standing. Well, actually sitting down and drawing, but you get the picture.

So, onward and upward, my dear reader, as you carry on with your own endeavours that have points in time where you will also think, “Screw this.” You may think that, but don’t do it for real. I promise you it’ll be worth the effort.




Day 17; Graceful, Graceful but deadly.


Day 17. Graceful. I was inspired to draw a woman with wings. It’s graceful yet somehow this character shows strength. She isn’t an angel, in fact, quite the opposite. Her wings are that of a Swan’s and her facial makeup was taken from Natalie Portman‘s character in Black Swan. So, if anything, she’s a Swan. Like Mermaids, she strikes me as another predator that would lure someone off a path only to kill him in the end. What’s your take on the Graceful but deadly creature?




Day 18; Filthy, Filthy Whispers.


Day 18. Filthy. Okay, I think now I’ve found my favourite, but I still have eleven more drawings to go; so it could change again, but I doubt it. Garbage is one way of describing filth, but then again, so are words. We let these whispers, thoughts, seep into our brains and destroy us. This monster may not seem very whispery, nevertheless, its words are filthy and toxic.




Day 19; Cloud, Clouded Thoughts.


Day 19. Cloud. Okay, okay, okay. So, fluffy clouds were part of my original idea, but if you’ve stuck around for the past 18 other drawings, you know by now that I like the Bizarre and Beautiful. So, I didn’t ignore the opportunity for more art representing a tormented mind.




Day 20; Deep, Pain Runs Deep.


Day 20. Dun dun duuuuh! Last one for this blog post. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the prompt, Deep, from day one. I’ve always loved eyes far more than anything else. I wrote a blog in May this year about how stories are In the eyes. And I still feel the same way; even with this eye. Personally, I see a whole lot of pain in him. Confusion, doubt, hesitation, sorrow. To me, it’s all in there. In that dense hue of brown. What can you see in him?


So that’s it for another couple of inktober days. I hope they knocked the socks off of you and I’ll say it again, stick around for the last eleven days of my dramatic doodles. There’s a lot more to come from the Bizarre and Beautiful…


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What could be stranger?

Another batch of the bizarre has come out of my brain. The shattered, the beautiful, and the mysterious. Once again, I have found it exhilarating and challenging. Also, I still wonder as to how this came out of my head. But it did, and I love it.



Day 12; Shattered, The Shattered Man.


Day 12. Shattered. Initially, I drew the man and thought, this shouldn’t be too hard to “Shatter” him. It was. It was extremely so. Nevertheless, The Shattered Man made it to the rest of Inktober’s drawings. It turned out better than I had hoped and I may even write a little story on our Shattered human being here. There’s most certainly some story behind him. What do you think his story is?



Day 13; Teeming, Butterflies in my head.


Day 13. Teeming was not an easy word to represent. I thought of fish, but the idea of fish coming out of a person’s head didn’t quite tick off the bizarre box. I went with something else instead that is often described to be in one’s stomach rather than in one’s head, yet the idea of butterflies being in my head seemed a little more bizarre and beautiful to imagine. So, I imagined it and it came out on paper. Behold, a tangible imagination.



Day 14; Fierce, Ivar the Boneless.


Day 14. Fierce. So, I’ve mentioned the Vikings Series to you a couple of times and have told you of how fond I am of it. Funny enough, both my brother and I thought we were finished with Vikings season 4, and waited eagerly for season 5’s arrival (I wasn’t quite as patient as my brother). To my delight, it turned out that we hadn’t noticed season 4’s part 2 of the series, in which a LOT more shit happens.

By that I mean: Ivar the Boneless happens.

The son of Ragnar Lothbrok, Ivar is crippled from the hips down; dragging himself around Kattegat makes you think he’s weak. However, do not underestimate Ivar Lothbrok. Not only is the character creepy and ruthless, but the actor is incredibly good at his role. My brother and I finished Vikings Season 4 part 2 this weekend and are now eagerly waiting for the arrival of season 5. So, when I saw the word-prompt was, Fierce, how could I refuse this opportunity to draw one of the fiercest Vikings and characters I’ve seen in a long time. I am very proud of this drawing.




Day 15; Mysterious, The Mysterious TopHat Man.


Day 15. Mysterious. Okay, so a grown man wearing a top hat blowing bubbles was a must draw. The photograph I worked off of had such character and was a joy to put onto paper. The man I’ve portrayed in this picture is Ben Whishaw, an actor who greatly inspired me in his representation of Shakespeare’s Richard the II. This is yet again another fine example of what a simple dinky ballpoint pen can do. This picture deserves a story, or, at the very least, an explanation. What’s the story behind the Mysterious Tophat Man?




Day 16; Fat, Fat Chance!


Day 16. And finally, the last drawing in this post belonged to the prompt, Fat. The instant I saw this prompt, I knew I had to draw a troll. A bit cliche, nevertheless, I feel it was worth the cliche-ness of the situation. This drawing’s style was inspired by another blogger who has been doing Inktober, except her brilliant idea was to create one story behind the word-prompts and has done a fantastic job so far. So this drawing is to Soo Nathan for inspiring me with her art.

Well, that’s that for another week’s worth of Inktober art. I hope you enjoyed the concoctions that came out of my brain. I hope they can inspire you in whatever task you set for yourself. And please, don’t be afraid to stick around for more of the Bizarre and Beautiful. After all, what could be stranger than what comes out of one’s head?



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The odd and the very odd…

So, I didn’t actually know I had it in me to come up with such weird and wonderful pieces of art. I’ve enjoyed Inktober because it has challenged me to dig deeper and come up with ideas. The original idea was to post three to four pictures on here every few days but looks like you’ll be getting eight this time round. So here’s the new batch of Inktober drawings. Sit back and enjoy the view…




Day 4: Underwater, The Protector.


Day 4 belongs to the prompt, Underwater. It was hard not to pick a mermaid, but I managed to make it more my kind of underwater scene. What do you think is the story behind these two? Is the girl gonna survive?



Day 5: Long, the long road ahead.

Day 5 was a good one. I had no clue as to what could work for the prompt, Long. But in the end, this has to be one of my absolute favourites so far. It’s bizarre. I like the bizarre, especially of late. This one was a joy to do. It was also the break point for me, where I finally realised how bizarre and fantastical I can go. Hope this sparks inspiration.



Day 6: Sword, A Sword’s Revenge

Day 6 was probably the hardest to think of and it ended up being a bit of a typical drawing piece of a warrior with a Sword. But I’m still happy with it. Who did she kill? What was her revenge?




Day 7: Shy, Few-worded Love.


Day 7 was inspired by the word, Shy.  Also, a tough one, but I pulled through and created a very adorable boy whose aspirations of love are a bit high. But, mind you, not impossibly high. What’s the love story here? Hopeless? Profound? Iconic?




Day 8: Crooked, Crooked Minds.


Day 8 was an interesting one. I originally thought of a Crooked man or monster, but as I thought a little harder with the help of Pinterest’s random photos, I drew Crooked Minds. It feels far more sinister than any kind of crooked monster. What do you think?




Day 9: Screech, The Screeching Demon.


Day 9. This was a fun one. YES. I said this one was a VERY fun one. I scrolled through the pages of a book I hold dear, something I had gotten for Christmas from my brother that knows me all too well. Weta Workshop 20th Anniversary book. I found pictures of monsters and aliens (I even used Gollum as reference), meshed creatures together and VWALLA! Scary-ass Screeching Demon. Would this give you nightmares?




Day 10: Gigantic, The eye of the Dragon.


Day 10. JRR Tolkien’s Smaug has always been the greatest dragon in the history of literature. He’s certainly one of my favourites. I could’ve gone with a grumpy old giant. I even considered drawing a stone giant. But I couldn’t resist the chance to draw the eye of Smaug with Bilbo Baggins’ tiny hobbit form standing before it, in awe of Smaug the Stupendous. This was done entirely with a Ballpoint pen, of which I have greatly underestimated until now. I think a lot of people make that mistake. However, I ask you to not underestimate the ballpoint pen…




Day 11: Run, Running From the Inevitable…


Lastly, day 11, which is today, was inspired by all those nightmares where you can run, but you can’t stop running. It inevitably ends with you waking up hyperventilating and ready to pull your hair out. Except, this kid’s nightmares follow him when he’s awake. What would you do in the boy’s situation? What is the kid running away from?

Eleven down, twenty more Ink drawings to go. I’ve enjoyed this challenge thoroughly, and I hope you stick around for the next twenty days to see what other bizarre and wonderful things have come out of my head in the form of paper and ink. Good luck to you if you have taken up this challenge as well. If not, sit back, relax, and enjoy my gallery of Inktober…


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Inktober, here I come!

Okay, so I’m slightly late to the party, but all that matters is that I’ve decided to join my fellow bloggers, artists, creatives, and the rest of the scallywags daring enough to Ink things up a bit in October. I came across Inktober thanks to Procrastinator’sdayoff  blogging about it.

I’m so glad I read about it and am now able to challenge myself for a whole month. If you yourself are interested in challenging your inking abilities, it’s never too late to start. Hell, you could do all 31 ink drawings on the 31st of October. Though, I wouldn’t advise doing that. But, if you are interested, click on the link below to find out more:

Inktober Info

So, since I’ve only started writing about this to you on the third day into October, I will show you three days worth of Inktober in this post. Also, there was a word-prompt, which I chose to follow, because, well the first three words I couldn’t not use. They were extremely enticing.



Day 1: Swift. The Girl and the Fox…


Day 1 was inspired by the Word-prompt, Swift. There’s a breed of Fox called a swift fox. Added to the mythological creature called the Kitsune, I was inspired to picture the two forms a Kitsune takes. Human, and fox. There is also an evil twisted version of the creature. A Nogitsune is a mischievous spirit and likes to cause other people pain. What would you say is the story in between the lines? Is this girl fleeing in fox form? Or are the two falling to their death? Try coming up with your own story for the Girl and the Fox and post it in the comments.



Day 2: Divided. Even Demons have Demons…

Day 2 was the word, Divided. And I couldn’t help but draw this picture. It showed an extraordinary depiction of Division. You may recognise it, you may not. However, actor Bill Skarsgård is the victim to my artistic skills for day 2. I don’t know much about his character Roman Godfrey in Hemlock Grove, which I have depicted in my illustration. Still, it won’t hurt to come up with your own story for this picture, too. If you’ve seen this series, though, please let me know whether it’s any good? And whether you’d recommend it.




Day 3: Poison. Toxic, but tempting…


And Finally, Day 3, which is today, belongs to the word, Poison. This was a toughy. All I could come up with was something disturbing. And VWALLA! Disturbing. Don’t be afraid to comment a disturbing story for this doll-faced monster.

Well, there’s my three days worth of Inktober. Hope you liked them and stay close by for the rest of the 28 days of October to see the rest. I’m looking forward to sharing them with you.

Also, Please do go and check out some other Inktober Geniuses. I follow two of them who have decided to join, and I hope you’re inspired by their work, too.


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In the Zone…

via Daily Prompt: Focused


Just me holding my headstand. Focusing.

It’s hard to be focused nowadays. The slightest thing can distract me from a goal or chore. I tend to get distracted very easily, especially when I have a goal to search for one picture on Google. I end up with a shit load more than just one.

Lately, I’ve tried honing in on being more focused in…well EVERYthing! No more zoning out. I’ve enjoyed Vinyasa Yoga for that very reason. It’s hard to zone out. You need to muster so much strength to hold everything that you have to focus your entire body to stay in control. To breathe. To think of every muscle in your body working to its max.  To remember each sequence. Each movement.

I want to be that focused all the time. In my work and in the conversations and connections I make with people. IMG_8038If I focus, I get a lot more done. I get further. Social Media is a real culprit for me. I get lost in the funny videos, memes, and artworks on the internet. But anything can become a distraction from the task one has set for themselves. A ringing phone, a message from a friend; even that book you saw sitting in the corner of your room. I unfocus on something that I find boring or monotonous. Something I think I can deal with later. But that’s not the point. I’ve set that task for now. Not later.

Funny enough, that happened while I was writing this to you. I was dry on ideas and opened a new blog post to edit. The words just didn’t want to come. So, I thought of leaving this post for another day, and focus on more pressing matters.


This time was my writing time, and I had to type out whatever came from my head. Even if it came out bonkers. I admit, the daily one-word prompt helped tons. But, I hope this helps you to see that you’re not the only one that struggles to focus. I think everyone does from time to time. But it’s a continual battle of honing in your mind on the task at hand. I’ve managed to start focusing more. And I know you can as well.




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“IT” Takes Many Forms…

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 11.46.01

I’ve never watched a horror before. The idea of purposefully shitting myself in a movie theatre has never appealed to me. Then again, when the trailer for IT came out, I started contemplating watching my first horror. And what do you know? I watched it and I’m still sane. Maybe…

My brother and I decided to go the extra mile and bring red balloons along for the ride.


Me holding both red balloons and trying to be as creepy as a teenage girl can.

We got quite a few stares in the cinema, but it was worth making that memory. I sat down in the comfy leather seating with my balloon swaying ominously at my feet and my popcorn in my hands (there was no way in hell I was going without my popcorn). I looked up and the screen and Georgie had started to run after his little boat.

I wasn’t prepared for how brilliant the movie was actually going to be. I had high expectations already and it exceeded them far beyond what I had hoped. There wasn’t one scare after another, there was a story to it, a brilliant one. So well told and displayed, that I would be tempted to watch it again and again. Everything in the film was so well taken care of. Every detail, every character. The kids were all amazing, and obviously so was Pennywise.


Ink sketch I drew of Bill Skarsgard.

The actor, Bill Skarsgard, was scarily good in his role as probably one of Stephen King’s most famous characters. I even knew who Pennywise was before I had even started reading King’s books. I loved everything about his performance and admire Bill’s hard work. He truly deserves every bit of praise he gets.

IT was my first horror and so worth every scare I had. The only disappointing thing is that Chapter 2 won’t be coming out anytime soon. Oh well, I look forward to getting the shite scared out of me when it is released. And I hope that you will consider watching IT as well unless you’ve already done so. If you do go see IT, sweet dreams, my friend. We all float down here…


If you are interested in reading someone else’s perspective on IT, please go check out MyIntrovertedLife. And go ahead and follow her too. She’s an amazing blogger.

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A Stranger’s Game

Chapter 1

Love of Insanity.


“Let me help you with that.” Said a stranger in a mall. The girl took the Rubix Cube from Noah and turned it in her hands. It seemed to just slide into place for her. Unlike Noah, who had fiddled with it for hours since buying it. Each square turned and twisted back to their rightful positions.

“Good as new.” She said, placing the cube back in his palm. She grinned up at him. She was far shorter than him, although he himself had stilts for legs. Her thick hair was tied into a pony and her shoulders slumped forward unnaturally. Maybe from the weight of the black backpack hugging her tiny body.

“Thanks, but. Isn’t the whole point of a Rubix Cube to do it yourself?” Noah couldn’t help but say that. The girl had managed to make him feel like an absolute fool in a matter of seconds.

“I couldn’t take anymore. Watching you. It was driving me insane.” She said. She didn’t seem at all embarrassed to admit to watching him. “I think it’s almost been an hour of you twisting that thing.” She added, raising her thick eyebrows. Noah smiled. He must’ve looked quite pathetic, standing in the food court, an upright skeleton of a man wasting his time with something that was a losing battle from the start.

“Yeah, almost an hour.” He replied, his lip curling up. It had been more than one hour. The Rubix Cube twirled in his fingers, but he dared not screw up the colors again.

“Hi, by the way.” The girl said, jutting her tiny hand toward him. A handshake. Seemed so formal. He shook it nevertheless and felt her palm was cold against his long fingers.

“Noah.” He said.

“Huh, you struck me as a Benjamin.” She pulled back slightly, examining his long limbs. “But, Noah will have to do. I’m Gus.” Her response was odd to Noah. How the hell did he look like a Benjamin to her? What do Benjamins even look like? Then, there was her own name.

“Gus? Isn’t that a guy’s name?” Noah asked, by the looks of it, she had this question her whole life. She smiled and tucked a piece of brown hair behind her ear.

“Do I look like a guy?” She said, smirking at her witty comment. Noah smiled and shook his head.

“Of course not.” But she sure does dress like one.

“Good,” Gus said, biting into her lip. “I’m guessing you like games. Huh?”

“Yeah, sure. But, as you can see I’m not very good at them.” He said, trying to make light of his inability to fix a Rubix Cube. Gus chuckled a little.

“Wanna play a game?” Her weight shifted from one foot to the other. Nerves? Noah thought. Probably not.

“I should really get going.” Noah didn’t feel like being even more humiliated if he lost, never mind the “wanna play a game?” coming from a stranger didn’t sit too well with the moral book. Still, Gus was cute, even if she looked ten years younger.

Gus shifted her weight and raised her eyebrows once more.

“You had an hour with your cube. C’mon. It won’t take too long. Besides, we are in a food court. You can’t say no to butchered coffee beans drowning in milk and sugar.”

Noah laughed nervously. He liked Gus. She was funny. But there was something off about her, there had to be. He couldn’t just ditch his prior engagement for a stranger who helped fix his Rubix Cube. Could he?

“One game.” He said.

Gus promised it would be one game. But she never even brought up said game until after the coffee was gone.

“You’re insane,” Gus said after Noah felt the last bit of his coffee slide down his throat.

“How’s that?”

“Black coffee? How can you live with yourself? Not even a grain of sugar or a drop of milk.” Gus swirled the cream around and around the glass cup until plopping it into her mouth.

“Well, then, I love every minute of insanity,” Noah said. He noticed the coffee shop’s clock reading 12:15. He was fifteen minutes late for his appointment and could already feel his phone vibrating in his pocket.

“You gonna get that?” Gus asked, licking the teaspoon’s creamy contents.

“Nah, you still got a game to show me,” Noah said. Anything to keep him from his appointment now was welcome. Even if this girl was strange. Gus smiled at him and put her cup back in its saucer. She leaned over the table, coming close and spoke in a steady, concentrated voice. This game seemed to mean a lot to her.

“It’s preferable to have your eyes closed, but we don’t want people to think you’re weird, now, do we?” She said. Noah shrugged.

“People already think that. Continue?”

“Picture this. What if_” Gus started. “Let’s say, you’re in the mall, sitting drinking your black shitty coffee and you have the chance to change your life right now. You can forget about whatever you were needing to go to minutes earlier. You can just leave. Where would you go?”

Noah couldn’t help but smile a little. He knew exactly where he would go.

“The South Pole, there’s no one there.”

“That’s awfully peaceful.” Gus surprised Noah by saying that.

“Yeah,” He continued. “But I’d have to hide somewhere else because my whole family knows I’ve been dying to go there. That’s the first place they’d look and inevitably they’d find me and_”

“Game over,” Gus interjected, pointing her hand at him in the shape of a gun. Noah laughed.

“Exactly, so my ideal option would be Chile.” He said, not knowing why he blurted that particular country’s name out.

“Why Chile?” Gus looked confused, like her high hopes in him had popped.

“First place that came to mind.” He shrugged.

Gus folded her bottom lip and pointed the teaspoon in his face. “I like the way you think. Okay, part two of the game; if I came up to you and sat down, put my hand in yours_” She said, sliding her tiny fingers between his. Noah flinched slightly. “_displayed the mounds of cash I had in my bag and asked you to run away with me to Chile, what would you say?” Gus’s face had grown anxious, her eyes had widened. Why Gus would be asking these questions of Noah was beyond him, but the idea appealed to him, even knowing how fake it was.

“To tell you the truth, Gus, I’d probably go in a heartbeat.”

Noah watched Gus’s face grow even more serious as she pulled her hand from his and reached for her black backpack beside her. She tossed the bag on top of their table with the zip open, so that Noah could see what was inside.

“What the fuck! Where’d you get all that cash?” Noah could only see pages upon pages, all resembling the one thing everyone wants more of.


Gus’s bag was full of it. He rose from the table, sending eyes their way.

“That’s none of your business where it’s from. And sit down, before you draw attention to yourself.” Said Gus. Noah sat down, awestruck by this girl who had probably just finished high school. This girl who wanted to run away from…what?

“You’re insane.”

“You said it yourself, Noah. You love every minute of insanity.” Gus was serious after all. The game wasn’t a game to her.

“Why me?” Noah said. “Why ask a complete stranger to run away with you?”

“I needed company for the road. When I saw you. You, you seemed nice.” Her hand found the zip and closed the bag, pulling it to the chair beside her. “I really do need company for the road, Noah; that’s if you still wanna come. I’ll give you one hour to decide.” She got up from the table and paused, looking down at Noah’s vibrating pocket, where his previous appointment was still calling on him to answer.

“Either you,” Gus continued. “Answer your phone and go on with what life you have here, or climb into a car with a stranger and just drive.” Gus slipped the bag over her shoulders. They slumped forward once more. “I’ll be in a black Jeep if you decide to come. Entrance 4.” She added, then stretched her short legs into long strides across the mall. Noah watched her figure disappear, still feeling the buzz of his phone against his thigh.

He couldn’t wrap his head around what Gus had said. Why him? Why a stranger in a mall? She said she just needed company. But why?

His leg had begun to tingle from the amount of buzzing; he took his phone out and saw his appointment called him more than twenty times. He supposed it was quite bad that his Ex-girlfriend had sent so many missed calls. He was over an hour late and whatever she had wanted to see him about, made this appointment serious. But Gus. What of her? He thought. Wasn’t his fault she was fucked up in the head and wanted to go on an adventure with a man she had just meant.

Sounded like something the girl would’ve read out of a romance novel. Noah got up from the table, phone in one hand and his other rubbing his brow. He had one hour before Gus’s Jeep left the mall. Why was he even contemplating it? He shouldn’t. He should just leave it and go home.

But his legs didn’t move. Noah just stood there, by the coffee shop. He shouldn’t be contemplating this. Why was he, then?

To be continued…


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Gif of Thrones






Sunday afternoon, the day of the Gif war.

I was browsing through my Twitter feed when I saw the tweet from one, Valter Skargard, boasting of his power as Gif King. He challenged those who dared question his reign, sending Gifs that were all too cunning. I watched every one of his followers do their best. But it was not enough to overthrow Valter. His Gifs laughed at their demise.



My first swing at Valter Skarsgard, the beginning of the battle.


I’ve never been part of a Gif war and felt drawn into battle. I wanted to give it a shot and clicked reply. I sent my bitchy comment to throw off Valter’s mojo, and the battle for the crown began. Gif after Gif was sent each other’s way. It took most of the afternoon for me to fight back and gain some ground on Valter Skarsgard. He knew his way around the Gif search engine far more than I did. His tactic was precise, but I held my own.

I was the longest to stand between the King and his crown. Or the most persistently irritating (whichever way you look at it). One of his followers even recognized the brilliance of the battle and offered that we share reign over the Gif crown.

Only, Valter doesn’t share. The battle continued until finally dissolving into late noon. I may not have overthrown the King of Gifs, nor rattled him severely (he’ll never admit to it). However, I know he was challenged by my minimal Gif skills. He fought valiantly and made it worth my while to have challenged him to a Gif Duel in the first place.

If you wish to see the remains of this battle yourself, you are most welcome to find it on twitter under @phoebereverie. And do follow Valter, @ValterSkarsgar.

To Valter Skarsgard, the King of Gifs. I thank you for the entertaining battle, and may you live long and prosper in your rule. I bid you ado, until another day…



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O’Brien, My Brien…

via Daily Prompt: Enamored

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 11.24.31

(Left) Stiles Stilinski. (Right) Nogitsune in Stiles Stilinski’s body.


Have you ever watched an actor’s performance and felt enamored by its delivery? I’ve felt this more than once; however, the most recent feeling was due to Dylan O’Brien‘s performance in a series called, Teen Wolf.

PS. Don’t judge me for watching that. It’s better than you think.

His performance was great throughout the show, but he really struck me as phenomenal in season 3. Now, I’ll try to leave out as many spoilers as I can because, well, I hate being a spoiler, but I doubt I’ll succeed. I saw Dylan O’Brien prior to Teen Wolf.


Color Pencil illustration I did about two years ago of Dylan O’Brien as Thomas in Maze Runner. 

He played Thomas in James Dashner’s Maze Runner. Also, another great performance on his part. I used to think it too fangirl of me to bother with watching a show like Teen Wolf. You know, where the guys are all supposedly perfect with their smiles and bodies. Ugh. But I kept picking up the box set in the shops, debating with myself. The one drawcard for me was O’Brien. I had enjoyed his acting in Maze Runner and wondered whether he was any good in Teen Wolf.


Pencil illustration of Stiles Stilinski (on Right) and Possessed Stiles Stilinski (Left).

Eventually, I convinced myself to watch an episode at a time on Netflix until I thought it got too cheesy. Boy, was I surprised. Yes, it did have its cheesy elements. I mean, come on, they’re werewolves. But, last week, the actor blew me away.


Okay, major SPOILER ALERT:

His character, Stiles Stilinski, is possessed by a Nogitsune in Season 3. Don’t know what that is? In the simplest way possible, it’s a bad fox spirit. A mischievous creature that thrives on causing pain. This catastrophe leads to Stiles not only killing some of his friends (I won’t name who) by way of the Nogitsune but almost dying himself. Emphasis on the almostScreen Shot 2017-09-01 at 12.03.37Stiles is the sweetest most innocent character of the lot. When the others let you down, you can pretty much always count on Stiles. The best part is that I cried big ugly tears. Sweet, innocent, fun, sarcastic Stiles is the one that had to go through that shit. You could say I was too invested in the story, and I guess I still am because his performance captured me. It inspired me. He not only made me feel pity for him but anger, hatred toward the Nogitsune, fear that he’d die, creeped out, awestruck, intrigued, the list goes on.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the third season out of the four that I’ve watched so far. Dylan O’Brien excelled in that season in particular. His character developed and deepened, he got to share more of his skills as an actor, and he kept me hooked on the show for longer than I had anticipated.

I’ve been enamored by a lot of performances, but this was my most recent example. He’s in a new movie now, which I will most definitely watch. I look forward to finding more inspiring acted moments in films. And better yet to share them with you and hope that you are inspired by them, too,  in some way. Do tell me if you’ve ever had this experience with any series or movie? I’d love to know.


Changing Ink


I don’t know whether I’ve made this obvious, but I love to draw. It’s a MAJOR hobby of mine, something I used to contemplate making my profession before other things took a hold of my attention. Still, I will never stop drawing. EVER. Lock me in my room with markers and the floor becomes my canvas (that’s actually not a bad idea). It has taught me observation and patience, even though I still lose my shit when I can’t get the sketch just right.



(Left) Sketch of Jack Frost done in 2013. (Right) The same sketch as before, Jack Frost, redone in 2017.

I wanted to show you this sketch to demonstrate how far I’ve come in four years. Over this time, Jack Frost has changed from a flat doodle to an illustration that’s not too shabby, if I do say so myself. I’m rather proud of this. I didn’t realize how far I had actually come until I redrew an old sketch of mine and placed them together. One never realizes it until they look back.

I looked back and it put a smile on my face to see this change in not only my skill but myself as well. It showed me how much I had been willing to grit my teeth, pull my hair out and cry and draw and redraw and draw again; to challenge myself enough to get better; to push myself, to improve my skill as an artist.

That white line in between the two pictures, in between 2013 and 2017, is all the mess no one else sees, but the artist (and maybe my mum, who’s had to deal with frustrated little me). But that mess is what moved me from point A to point B. It moved me forward. After all, progress is progress, no matter how frustrated you get. Like I said in my previous blog post, every Little Thing  counts.

I hope that, whatever project or skill you’ve taken up, you don’t get discouraged by anything. That you work on that white line between where you are and where you’d like to be. And when you’re ready, look back and see how far you’ve come. I know you will see a difference. Oh, and always have someone that will encourage you and push you. I had my mum.